Many people list packing as the most stressful part of any trip, journey or holiday.  Squeezing all the “essentials” into the car, the cabin luggage, or the back pack only to find that when all the room is gone there are still things to pack.  We certainly found this over many years of travelling with 2 children 2 dogs and half the contents of our house.

When it came to packing we finally took the decision to buy a roof box, for a little extra space – and that is where the fun started.  We had hired one before, and knew that Thule were a great brand – other than that we were completely in the dark.  So having only seen what we wanted on the roof of other cars we took a leap of faith and ordered online not knowing whether what we had ordered would work with our car. It is this that we hope we can help our customers avoid.  We offer you the opportunity to look, touch and compare the products you need to make travel easier.  Whether you are travelling the world living out of a backpack, flying shorthaul or longhaul, taking the car on holiday packed to the rafters, or just taking your bike for a ride in the country, we have a broad range of innovative travel products to make your life less stressful.


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