OK so you want to put something on the roof of your car, but how do you know which Thule roof racks to buy?

We are a Thule Partner and we can help you get the right roof bars for your car and once you have the roof bars in place you can add a roof box, a bike rack and much, much more.

The most important three things you need to know now are the Year, Make and Model of your car. Once you have these you need to visit the Thule Buyers Guide; select your car on the right and click continue.

You should now see a Recommended Product; you can’t buy these direct from Thule so copy down the details and you can get them through us… make a special note of any Kit numbers specified as these are very important. You can use the search facility at the top of the page to find the recommended products on our site.

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Thule Buyer’s Guide

The Thule Buyers Guide to roof racks and rear mounted bike carriers.

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